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Century 21 Green Valley Realty

Century 21 Green Valley Realty is an independently owned and operated realty company by Jason and Judy Thompson in Fallon, Nevada.Century 21 Green Valley Realty's website was initially designed and created in 2010. About eight years later, we were contacted to help them upgrade their website with a completely new ...

Todd Albert Construction

Todd Albert Construction's in-house design and engineering team helps people streamline their project. To begin the planning of your new boat house or dock project, make a personal call to Todd Richendollar, owner and operator.Todd contacted us to help him redesign his website because it needed to look more professional ...

FocusPoint Solutions

FocusPoint Solutions is a customizable, total back office outsource solution for RIAs and independent advisors. They've been helping advisors move to the RIA business model for over 17 years. FocusPoint Solutions helps advisors who are breaking away or forming their own RIA. FocusPoint Solutions understand that advisors may feel alone with ...

Natalie’s Artisan Cookies

Natalie is a 10 year old girl who recently started her own cookie company. Natalie’s Artisan Cookies offers premium quality cookies made from scratch. I discovered Natalie’s need for a logo in a logo contest on challenge was to create a logo that looks similar to the example logo ...

Noble Fine Homes

Noble Fine Homes is a custom luxury and energy efficient home builder serving the metro Oklahoma City area. The owners, Jay Evans and Wade Trigg, have over 40 combined years of building experience. They started Noble Fine Homes in 2020 when they realized there were no luxury builders in the OKC ...

Out West Buildings

Out West Buildings offers high quality sheds in Fallon, Nevada and in the Northern Nevada area. They are well-known for their workmanship, shed built quality, and the years of expertise that they have.In 2017, Out West Buildings' came to us and said that they were in need of an upgrade! ...

Wheelhouse 2020

Wheelhouse 2020 is a full-service marketing resource, located in Beaverton, OR, who is exclusively for the building supply channel. They specialize in developing and executing strategic B2B and B2C marketing plans for all segments of the building supply channel. When I was employed at CC Communications, Wheelhouse 2020 was a business that ...

Rau Bees

Rau Bees is a family-owned, local, raw alfalfa honey producer in Fallon, NV. They were looking to rebrand their logo and honey label designs to something more modern but still classic. They are also currently looking into creating an E-Commerce website to reach customers beyond their current method of selling ...

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