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FocusPoint Solutions


FocusPoint Solutions is a customizable, total back office outsource solution for RIAs and independent advisors. They’ve been helping advisors move to the RIA business model for over 17 years. FocusPoint Solutions helps advisors who are breaking away or forming their own RIA.

FocusPoint Solutions understand that advisors may feel alone with their own marketing and growth efforts. Independent advisors are eager to get their unique message out into the marketplace, but most of the time they’re at a disadvantage without the resources and support of a larger firm.

That’s why advisors who partner with FocusPoint Solutions for their back-office and technology needs also utilize their comprehensive Practice Development Program and create their ideal business.

FocusPoint Solutions
With CC Communications
Brand Design, Website Redesign and Development, Stationary
Completion Date:

The Challenge & Objective

FocusPoint Solutions has been a long-term client with CC Communications, and during my employment, I had the great opportunity to help them with their website redesign project in 2017. I assisted with some of the HTML and CSS development and created the graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Below is FocusPoint Solutions’ website before the redesign (click to expand):

The Solution

A few years later, their Marketing Director Kelly LaPalio was looking to redesign their website again, but with a completely new message and brand identity. FocusPoint Solutions wanted their website to look more modern and professional while also reflecting the new message that they wanted to portray to advisors who want to break away and form their own RIA.

From 2019-2020, we collaborated with Kelly on the look and feel of the website. I experimented with different design elements, colors, typography, iconography, and imagery, such as whether to primarily use images only, vectors only, or a combination of both.

Below are some of the color combinations and icons that I created during this process:

Below is FocusPoint Solutions’ website after the redesign (click to play video):


Below are flyers that I designed for the website using Adobe InDesign:

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