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Natalie's Artisan Cookies


Natalie is a 10 year old girl who recently started her own cookie company. Natalie’s Artisan Cookies offers premium quality cookies made from scratch. I discovered Natalie’s need for a logo in a logo contest on

Natalie's Artisan Cookies
99Designs Contest
Logo Design
Completion Date:

The Challenge & Objective

The challenge was to create a logo that looks similar to the example logo that she provided. She wanted the graphic to be lavender and the company name to be black. The style that Natalie was going for was feminine, classic, sophisticated, literal, quality, youth, and beauty.

The Solution

First Logo Concept

My first thought was to create a fun and feminine logo that not only matches Natalie’s age, young spirit, and her passion for making cookies, but also a logo that works well with her website and cookie labels. The first logo concept that I came up with was a lavender colored cookie with heart chocolate chips that look like it was bitten into. The heart in the letter “i” of “Natalie” worked great for the concept that I was going for.

Second Logo Concept

After Natalie saw my first logo, she directly messaged me and asked if she could see something different for the graphic. My second take on this logo was to create a watercolor leaf or botanical. I used this logo to create a mockup for possible uses of the logo, such as a sticker to seal the cookie box and bag, and the logo on her website.

I was selected as the top 5 finalists. I was really happy with how the logo turned out!

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