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Out West Buildings


Out West Buildings offers high quality sheds in Fallon, Nevada and in the Northern Nevada area. They are well-known for their workmanship, shed built quality, and the years of expertise that they have.

Out West Buildings
With CC Communications
Website Redesign and Development
Completion Date:

The Challenge & Objective

In 2017, Out West Buildings’ came to us and said that they were in need of an upgrade! They felt that their site did not look modern and professional, they wanted to be able to show their shed products on their site, and they wanted a button that would direct their customers to a page that has their embedded Shed App link. Ultimately, they wanted their site to be completely redesigned with a new brand design that would reflect their business and expertise.

Out West Building’s website in 2017:

The Solution (part 1)

We knew that we wanted the focus of the site to be about their sheds, the customizable capabilities that customers have, and the great benefits that customers should know about when choosing Out West Buildings for their next shed purchase. For the site’s design, I wanted the site to be Fallon, NV themed, but also modern, visually appealing, and interactive. I chose beige and green colors for the site’s color palette in order to stay consistent with the look and feel of Fallon, NV.

Out West Buildings’ first site redesign in 2018:

The Solution (part 2)

In 2020, the owners of Out West Buildings were looking to revamp their site by shifting their focus from being just a company that sells sheds, to a company that helps customers with their space and clutter problems. Out West Buildings was inspired by Donald Miller’s book called, “Building A StoryBrand.” For two months, the CC Communications team, Out West Buildings, and I brainstormed ideas of what problems customers are currently experiencing regarding their cluttered space (the villain), how Out West Buildings can help solve those problems (the guide), and how the customer’s problems will be resolved and how customers will feel after their problems have been solved with an Out West Buildings shed (the hero).

Out West Buildings’ new website in 2021

For this site’s revamp project, we focused on adding content and call-to-actions relating to the customer’s villain (space problems, clutter, dead-end rent payments, no room to do fun hobbies, etc.). We also updated the site’s imagery to include both vector graphics and photos. We felt that the vector graphics added to the story and overall branding message for Out West Buildings.


Out West Buildings’ current site (click to play video):

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