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Rau Bees is a family-owned, local, raw alfalfa honey producer in Fallon, NV. They were looking to rebrand their logo and honey label designs to something more modern but still classic. They are also currently looking into creating an E-Commerce website to reach customers beyond their current method of selling products, which is through word-of-mouth and selling their honey at local farmers markets and at Fallon, Nevada’s Lattin Farm store.

Rau Bees
Brand Design, Logo Design, Package Design, Stationery
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The Challenge & Objective

Consistent design is crucial to any business looking to rebrand, build brand awareness and recognition, stand out against their competitors, and communicate authenticity and trust. The current Rau Bees logo is not consistent across all their products, and the cartoon logo was a style that they did not want to keep.

The objectives of the rebranding of Rau Bees is to update and modernize their logo and honey label designs in order to look consistent across all their products, apparel, and print collateral, including honey bottles, lip balms, soaps, baseball hats, business cards, and booth banners.

The Solution


A moodboard is a collection of images that consist of photography, color samples, typography, textures, and other visual elements that evokes a certain mood and style. For Rau Bees’ logo, I was inspired by the warm colors of honey and nature, hand drawn styled artwork, and serif fonts that match well with their “high quality and locally made” brand message. I created a moodboard to help kick start a new brand identity for Rau Bees.

The Process

For Rau Bees’ logo, I knew that the bee needed to look hand drawn. I did some research and observed images of real life bees and vintage drawing styles in order to understand the look and feel that I wanted to create. The logo needed to look fresh and modern while also capture the words “Fallon, Nevada,” “local,” “traditional,” “hand-crafted,” and “old-fashioned.” On paper, I created a sketch of the bee, then created it in Adobe Illustrator. Then I came up with several different logo concepts. This was a great learning experience for me because I was new to drawing on my iPad.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

Below is the final Rau Bees logo and what it would look like on a letterhead, envelope, business card, lip balm label, and a farmers market booth banner. I was so happy with how the logo turned out!

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