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Todd Albert Construction


Todd Albert Construction’s in-house design and engineering team helps people streamline their project. To begin the planning of your new boat house or dock project, make a personal call to Todd Richendollar, owner and operator.

Todd Albert Construction
With CC Communications
Website Redesign
Completion Date:

The Challenge & Objective

Todd contacted us to help him redesign his website because it needed to look more professional and modern, and he wanted to be able to have a portfolio of images to showcase his work. Also, their previous website was not easy to update on the client-side.

Below is Todd Albert Construction’s website before the redesign:

The Solution

Todd Albert Construction now has a website that is not only well-designed, modern, mobile responsive, and easy to update, the overall design showcases the high-quality services and craftsmanship that Todd provides to his customers.


Below is Todd Albert Construction’s website after the redesign (click to play video):

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