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Wheelhouse 2020


Wheelhouse 2020 is a full-service marketing resource, located in Beaverton, OR, who is exclusively for the building supply channel. They specialize in developing and executing strategic B2B and B2C marketing plans for all segments of the building supply channel. When I was employed at CC Communications, Wheelhouse 2020 was a business that we partnered with and provided website-related services.

Wheelhouse 2020
With CC Communications
Website Redesign and Development
Completion Date:

The Challenge & Objective

Wheelhouse 2020’s old website looked simple and clean. But design trends were changing and owner Jennifer Swick was looking to refresh the website. The design needed to appear more edgy and modern. She also wanted the site to use the same orange, white and grey colors, but have the theme of the whole site be primarily dark grey. The website also needed to have more functionality and features, such as a blog and a fresh design on all the services and portfolio of work pages.

Wheelhouse2020’s website before the redesign:

The Solution

With Jennifer’s dark theme idea in mind, I redesigned the site with the same Wheelhouse 2020 colors and added an edgy and modern twist to it. For style and consistency, I created a target pattern and all the icons with their logo and used white as the dominant text color. With CSS, I added a “spin” hover effect to the Services icons.


Wheelhouse2020’s website after the redesign (click to play video):

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